Sophia Chan is seven years old. She is in grade two at Unionville Montessori School. Sophia is a very sweet and lovely girl who always smiles. She likes reading, especially the Rainbow Magic series, and any unicorn-themed books. She loves colours and enjoys drawing and colouring a lot. Skating and gymnastics are her biggest passions in sport. She is part of the synchro skating team at Unionville Skating Club. She also enjoys other activities such as drama, piano, badminton, skiing, and baking. She was the gold winner in the North York Music and Performing Arts Festival in 2021. 

Sophia is very happy have created and drawn her first storybook. Her story is about friendship. She likes making friends and has lots of them. They always support and help each other. She wishes that everyone could have many good friends and treasure friendship like she does.

Her Book