My name is Karena. I was born in Shanghai. I can speak, listen to, and understand Mandarin, but I can’t read or write it. I can also, of course, read, write, understand, and listen to English. So I can only SPEAK English and Mandarin, and yes, I had to have the word “speak” bolded, underlined, and have it all uppercase. A change of topic: I have a brother who is five years older than me; he is currently sixteen, and I am eleven. Yes indeed, I’m the younger one with the power of mama. I currently live in Ontario, since when I was born in 2011 in China, people there were not allowed to have two kids, so we moved to Canada… Eh. Do you get it? Anyway, if you don’t, it’s just that Canadians say “eh” a lot. Back to me. I go to the Academy for Gifted Children P.A.C.E. located at 12 Bond Crescent, Richmond Hill, ON L4E 3K2, Canada. I totally did not look that up…hehe. I’m a proud Chinese Canadian. I think that’s all. Sorry, no more info about me. Bye.

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