My heart is brimming with joy: this is enough! It is more than enough! What is one to live for, if not the truth?

A girl sits in a waiting room, awaiting something greater than an appointment. Past lovers meet in restaurants, looking to understand something more than just their relationships. A boy and a girl watch their friend get murdered in a church, but one of them is an unreliable narrator.

Written in three distinct syntaxes, Archangel consists of three metaphorical stories that mirror the contemporary, intrapersonal search for truth, testing the limits of sincerity before it is distorted by the rest of the world.  

This novella uses abstraction and ambiguity to explore concrete themes of morality, epistemology, and what we consider important. Still, it is so much more than that; it is representative of a writer’s philosophical and psychological longing for clarity at all costs. 

By Dominique (Yuen) Cao

First print in May 2023
5×8 · 174 pages · Perfect Binding Paperback
Ages 14 to 20

Dominique (Yuen) Cao is a 17-year-old high school student currently studying at Havergal College. She plans on pursuing Philosophy during her undergraduate years. She is notoriously known for rambling pretentiously about postmodernism like a middle-aged man, being late to almost every single one of her Saturday night plans, and taking on the human version of a black cat. Dominique enjoys sarcasm, Elliott Smith, the smell of dark roast coffee, and solving crossword puzzles.