Enzo Chen is a grade 6 student who enjoys doing fun activities like reading and drawing in his spare time. Enzo also loves the outdoors and has always been excited about going outside. He loves athletic activities and is interested in many sports like soccer, basketball, badminton, recreational skiing, and snowboarding. 

He is passionate about writing and has a very creative and open mindset. He also loves spending time with his friends and family and is very happy to have them around him as support. 

He hopes to help people as much as possible throughout his life and make people smile. Enzo also has experience with public speaking and won multiple awards throughout his younger years. He started learning how to play the bass clarinet near the end of 2021. 

This is his first book, and he is so happy to share his story with all of you. This book is sending the message to young readers that fitting into a new place can be challenging, and we should always give it time. 

Enzo thanks his family and friends for inspiring him to create and have this book published and hopes it positively impacts all his readers. Finally, he also gives a huge thanks to Skyky Publishing and his teacher for making all this possible and for giving him new ideas through his journey of writing this book. 

His Book