Echo Liu is a Canadian-Chinese children’s writer, the Founder of Skyky Publishing Co., and the Founder of Skyky Multicultural Learning Foundation. 

Echo showed a talent for writing when she was a child, but life sent her on a different journey. She took management and English as her majors at university. Fortunately, she reclaimed her dream after she moved to Canada.

Since 2014, Echo’s books have been warmly received by families from many communities, public libraries, schools, and bookstores. Echo has also been invited to read at libraries, as well as book signings at Indigo.

Echo is also passionate about charities and has volunteered for nonprofit foundations, fundraising for Sick Kids hospital, donating her books to libraries, public schools, reading clubs, churches, less fortunate families, and book banks. 

With her mission, Echo is building up a fairytale world to bring happiness to children’s childhoods: a platform to develop children’s interests and talents in story writing and have their first books published. 

Her Picked Book