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About Us

Skyky Cultural Publishers is a North American company that provides book creation, editing, publishing and promotion for children. Our unique platform helps children follow their passion for storytelling and sets them on a journey toward publishing success. Our specialty, original story creation, brings interesting ideas to life and inspires children to cultivate their imagination with modern-day fairy tales. With this focus, Skyky has developed a series of storybooks that are imaginative and creative, with original watercolour illustrations, suitable for children aged 3 to 6 years.

Skyky Story

Meet the Author

—–“ It is so amazing to hear the sound of nature and turn it into stories. That is how my skyky fairytale stories come.” Echo, the author of skyky fairytales, is a talented fairytale storyteller. In her eyes, everything has a life. She likes to talk with animals, plants, even her furniture. With a childlike heart and unbelievable imagination, she can think of stories everywhere.

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Interview with OMNI Television

Thanksgiving is a time to give, a time to love. This became the reason for us to host a special family fashion event for the Thanksgiving season. In this interview…

Tomorrow is the Day!

  Our boys and girls are working hard for their stage show tomorrow! https://goo.gl/yDWKbZ For most of them, it will be their first time to act in a drama, or walk…

Interview with WOW TV

  As an immigrant, I am blessed to follow the innate interest in writing. My new life in Canada has given me the chance to feel closer to nature and…

Yasameen and Her Favourite Book

See what Yasameen is up to read! As one of our chosen stars for the Children & Parent Fashion Show party on Oct. 15, Yasameen will share one of her…

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