Connor is an ordinary kid who is picked on by the more confident kids. He dreams of having superpowers to impress everyone and make them like him. One day he finds a magical stone that gives him powers—but they won’t work at school! Connor is sad but in time finds that everyone is friendlier now. It turns out that confidence is his real superpower!

First print in Nov 2021
ISBN: 978-1-988694-82-5

8X10″ inches
for 3-7 years old


Hasan Akbary

Hasan Akbary is 12 years old, attends Bayview Glen, and lives in Toronto, Canada. He enjoys playing soccer, tennis, skiing, biking, chess, and swimming. He is a grandmaster in chess and has competed in many competitions and received two medals. Hasan was looked upon as very athletic when he enrolled in soccer at four years old. 

He genuinely loves reading and writing as much as sports. Hasan enjoys books about Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, the Land of Stories, and many others. His favourite genres are fantasy, mysteries, action, and adventure. He tends to visualize everything going on in the fictional world. 

Hasan loves sharing and helping others, and he has raised over $7,000 dollars for the Heart and Stroke Foundation, which helps people with heart diseases and heart failures. Hasan is glad to share his story with all of you with the hope of winning your love for the very first book.