”Ow, ow, ow … ow.”

Lilo, a little dog, really wants to learn how to climb trees, just like a cat. She tries it on various things inside the home … a fireplace, a bookshelf … but always falls. But one day she finally gets safely to the top of a tree. Her family and friends are worried and try to get to her, but she’s so high up that no ladder can reach her! 

First print in 2022
8×10 · 40 pages · Perfect Binding Paperback
Ages 3 to 7
CAD$ 15.99

Hermia Yanqi Huang

Hermia Yanqi Huang, age 6, lives with her parents, her big brother, and her dog in Ontario, Canada. She is a senior kindergarten student at Unionville Montessori School. Hermia loves reading and reads a lot. She is also very active. Her favorite sports are karate, skating, and skiing. 

Hermia has liked to climb since she was a baby successfully escaping from her crib. She was often told “No Climbing” when she climbed various things at home. Lilo, the main character of this book, came to Hermia’s mind when she was playing with a toy tower. The little dog kept practicing and finally climbed to the top of a tree. She told the story to her mother and illustrated it by moving her fingers up and down on her toy tower. Hermia was encouraged to write the story down. She also finished drawing all the pictures for this book with the spirit of never giving up, just like her heroine.