Jimmy the Corgi puppy is taken from home when his owner falls sick, and he ends up in a pound with other sad animals like cats, bunnies, budgies, and dogs. Jimmy is determined to get back home and comes up with a plan to free himself and all his friends.

First print in Feb 2022
8×8 · 40 pages · Perfect Binding Paperback
Ages 3 to 7


William Wu

William Wu, ten years old, is an avid reader. His hands are glued to books in bed, at the dinner table, in the car, anywhere, anytime. Reading is in William’s genes. With a great passion for books, his spirit travels on different adventures with the books on his two big book shelves. Besides reading, William loves visual arts and he started doodling his creative ideas in kindergarten. He is also keen on music and sports such as piano, guitar, soccer, and hockey.