About Us


About us

Skyky Cultural Publishers is a North American company that provides book creation, editing, publishing and promotion for children. Our unique platform helps children follow their passion for storytelling and sets them on a journey toward publishing success. Our specialty, original story creation, brings interesting ideas to life and inspires children to cultivate their imagination with modern-day fairy tales. With this focus, Skyky has developed a series of storybooks that are imaginative and creative, with original watercolour illustrations, suitable for children aged 3 to 6 years.

In the area of book publishing and distribution, our experienced professionals provide the author with technical tools to tackle editorial, design, and marketing challenges. We deliver excellence in book editing and help you build long-standing connections with top illustrators and booksellers. We are proud to make the entire publishing process of editing, illustration, and design transparent and clear, respecting your choices. Our advanced multimedia publicity and marketing platforms facilitate intercommunication and can deepen your bond with global readers.
To further support our mission of children’s book publishing, we have developed services in literature and arts training, conferences, and themed summer camps that connect children with professionals in the world of children’s literature. Skyky can support your child’s passion and dreams. We will create a beautiful literary wonderland with you!

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Our children get only one childhood.

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