Echo Liu

Echo Liu

—–“ It is so amazing to hear the sound of nature and turn it into stories. That is how my skyky fairytale stories come.”

Echo, the author of skyky fairytales, is a talented fairytale storyteller. In her eyes, everything has a life. She likes to talk with animals, plants, even her furniture. With a childlike heart and unbelievable imagination, she can think of stories everywhere.

She creates stories not just for stirring kids laughter but for telling kids something meaningful, the love from parents, the love for nature. Through her books, children will learn how to understand parents, how to protect the environment, and how to be independent and caring.

Echo was a talented young writer when she was a child but life sent her to the other journey after she grew up. She feels blessed to have the talent with her after working as a company manager for many years. The new immigration life in Canada gave her chances to feel closer to nature, erupting her passion on the stories creation. She finished 20 books ( including a series with 8 books) within 3 months. Echo plans to write 20-30 water-color painting books every year and 200 wonderful stories in 5-10 years.

Echo took some courses and read some books on children’s study like Developmental Phycology, Children’s Phycology. She also volunteered at one SK, playing together with kids. And her son gave her lots of insights to understand kids. Therefore, she believes her stories will bring memorable happiness for children’s childhood.

This is Echo, the author of Skyky Children Fairytales, who will light up one world for us with her great works.